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A 3 cam blaster aimed at getting the maximum speeds possible with the minimum effort. Since its birth 3 years ago the Firewing has been about allowing everyone to reach their maximum speed potential. From setting records on the Namibia speed track, to World Cup slaloms, the Firewing gives top level performance in an easy to use package. Softer and more forgiving than its rivals, the Firewing allows the rider to forget about the sail and focus on going fast. The Mk4 has seen size by size development looking to maximise performance through the entire wind range. More power and drive in the larger sizes, and more control in the smaller sizes. RTS “RaceTuningSystem” (Sold separately), the RTS Race Tuning System is an upgrade package converting an off the shelf Firewing into a 4 cam racer. With the addition of an extra camber as well as a new custom designed batten set, the weight is further reduced and the top end can be pushed even further for the ultimate speedsters.

For both the freerace rider looking to push their GPS record through to racers wanting to stand tall on the podium.

Sails Specs:
7 Battens – 5.2 / 5.7 / 6.3 / 7.0
8 Battens – 7.8 / 8.6 / 9.2
CAMS: 3/4

Item N°/Article Code: 4610002